Masters of Scale Podcast – Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun. Expectations for solar are high under a Biden administration, says Lynn Jurich, CEO of the solar power company Sunrun. While Sunrun’s stock price has quadrupled in the past year, Jurich faces not only high-profile competition but the complexities of a new-style energy utility and the vagaries of politics and policy in the most partisan environment in generations. Her touchstone – in a key lesson for entrepreneurs – is to focus on long-term trends that she believes are favorable. In the teeth of the pandemic, she spent $3 billion to buy up one of the other key industry players, doubling down on her commitment, and extending a scale advantage. From Sunrun’s internal culture to the undulating energy marketplace, Jurich is both pivoting in search of opportunity and holding fast to central principles.

Norton Rose Currents: The Current State of PPAs. Bryce Smith, CEO, and Rob Collier, vice president, developer relations of LevelTen Energy, join us to discuss the company and the current state of PPA offer prices and trends. We get into how the renewable energy industry has changed in the last decade, what they are seeing in the PPA market, Q4 data on solar and wind P50 prices, their forecast for 2021 and more.

Energy Transition Show: Vehicle to Grid Integration. In this lagniappe episode, we switch roles for the first time, with Chris as the guest and Utility Dive reporter Robert Walton as our guest host. Chris summarizes some of the insights he has gained from the past five years of research and writing about electric vehicles and vehicle-grid integration, including the various methods and speeds of charging, how we manage the loads of EV charging on utility grids, the roles that utilities can play in supporting transportation electrification, how fleet managers need to start preparing to electrify their own fleets, and what it all means for the future of utility grids.

Smart Energy Voices – Inspiring Diversity in Energy The wake-up call came a few years ago when the Wall Street Journal ranked energy at 10 out of 11 fields in a survey on diversity in businesses. Since then, Smart Energy Decisions has worked to raise the profile of this issue with its series “Inspiring Diversity in Energy.” This edition features a discussion with Telisa Toliver, General Manager of Renewable Power for Chevron and Debra Chanil, SED’s Director of Research and Content.