Currents from NRF: What’s Next in C&I Solar. Richard Walsh, managing partner at Madison Energy Investments, joins us to talk about trends he is seeing in the C&I solar market. We get into the best state markets for C&I solar and emerging markets, how storage is becoming part of projects, how investors can keep track of the different markets despite the rapid pace of change, how the corporate push for renewable energy has affected C&I solar, how retail energy providers play a role in deregulated state electricity markets and more.

Redefining Energy Podcast: Batteries a new Asset Class. In Episode 47, we dive into the exponential development of batteries into the Grid: the Energy Storage industry is doubling size every year. One of the key market is the UK, where the market is expected to x10 this decade because of the rise of renewables, the electrification of transport and heating, and the need for an ever-greater resiliency.

The Interchange: Oil Majors in a Post Covid World. The oil majors are slowly recognizing that in a decarbonized world their fundamental business is going to have to change. So what are they thinking? Where are they deploying resources — and not deploying resources? Ed Crooks is the right person to ask. He’s our oil major whisperer. He Vice Chair for the Americas at Wood Mackenzie. Last time we had him on the show was in May of 2020 when the pandemic-driven collapse of oil demand sent key oil prices negative. Ed talks with our host Shayle Kann about the rebound since then and how oil and gas companies are using this new influx of cash.

MIT Energy Podcast: International Energy Agency. Fatih Burol from the IEA joined the podcast to talk about the administration’s big push to research and development and the importance of innovation in the clean energy industry.