Setting Records, Walmart Continues Moving Toward Becoming a Totally Renewable Business – Doing what’s right for the future of our planet means making major change. That’s why we’ve committed to becoming a regenerative company powered by 100% renewable energy in our own operations by 2035, and are investing in the technologies of tomorrow, today – so each step toward our goal prioritizes renewable, restorative operations.

Inside Google’s Bid to Get Granular on Renewable Energy Credits – In the decades since the voluntary renewable energy credit marketplace cropped up, a bevy of options for acquiring renewables has bloomed. Companies can choose from options including buying RECs, investing in onsite renewables and signing virtual power-purchase agreements. Also Google’s Michael Terrell (shoutout to a fellow Alabama native in clean energy) was on the Interchange podcast talking about Google’s efforts w/r/t renewable energy.

Salesforce Adds Climate Obligations to all Supplier Contracts – CRM solutions provider Salesforce announced today that it is introducing a new Sustainability Exhibit in all of its supplier procurement contracts, as part of the company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In a letter sent to suppliers this week by EVP & Chief Procurement Officer Craig Cuffie, and VP, Sustainability Patrick Flynn, the company introduced the new exhibit, explaining that it is aimed at helping suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints, and further integrating sustainability into every aspect of the Salesforce supply chain.