Birmingham, AL [May 31, 2021] – MEI recently announced the hiring of Juliana Harless to focus on growth in the southeastern US markets. Juliana will be based in Birmingham, Alabama where MEI will be opening a regional office later this summer. While the southeast is not known to be a robust solar market, MEI is confident that will change soon.

“We’re already seeing the potential in the southeast,” says Managing Partner Richard Walsh. “We closed a nice project in Mississippi earlier this year and believe that is just the start. We have a strong network of partners in the southeast, and we think having someone as talented as Juliana serving these partners and focused on this market full-time will bring a lot of quality solar projects online.’“

Prior to joining MEI, Juliana worked in marketing and business development for a full-service engineering firm with a strong southeast focus. This broad understanding of the market will help her better serve MEI’s local and regional partners.

“I’m excited to join MEI and help the team grow the portfolio and expand partnerships in the southeast market,” says Harless. “The demand from customers for solar is increasing, and together with our partners in the region, we can help them meet their energy and sustainability goals.”

Juliana, along with MEI’s Director of Business Development Gerard Neely, will be attending the Florida Solar and Storage Summit in Orlando next week in an effort to kickoff MEI’s presence in the southeast market.