Powerline Connections: How Traditional Energy Funds Are Shifting Towards Green Energy: A Conversation with Encap Investments and Quantum Energy Partners – The energy market continues to undergo significant changes as traditional energy funds shift towards green energy. In this episode, we discuss energy transition investment funds, their management teams and their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) policies. Guest Speakers: Shawn Cumberland, Managing Partner, Energy Transition of EnCap Investments and Alex Jackson, Director, Quantum Energy Partners McDermott Speakers: Edward Zaelke and Parker Lee.

Redefining Energy: 53. Oil Majors: the journey from molecules to electrons – Harnessing the Energy Transition for an Oil Major is not that simple. Decades-old simple centralised molecules energy systems are making way to decentralised electrons models. Some Oil Majors have simply decided to ignore the Energy transition, others – like Shell – are trying to adapt their business to it. A trading company by DNA, Shell has decided to mostly focus its strengths on the mid-stream and downstream segments. New businesses are being launched or acquired, centred around digital, trading, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and EV charging. It is still early days to conclude if Shell will be able to ride the Energy Transition, but some green shoots, under the leadership of our guest, Ulrika Wising, Global VP Customer Solutions at Shell Renewables & Energy Solutions, are certainly promising. Will Oil Majors turn into Energy Majors? For once Gerard and Laurent disagree on pretty much everything!

Columbia Energy Exchange: The Future of Energy Innovation – The lithium-ion battery. The megawatt-scale wind turbine. The crystalline-silicon solar panel. All popular, scalable low-carbon innovations that enjoy modern commercial success today started as prototypes with promise but lacking in funds, scalability, and widespread support. It takes innovators to bring those ideas out of the lab and into the global markets. Host Jason Bordoff spoke with one of those innovators. Paul Dabbar is a former undersecretary of science for the U.S. Department of Energy and current CEO of Bohr Quantum Technologies. He’s also currently a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy. Their wide-ranging conversation focused on the legislative barriers toward research and development funding for renewable energy projects, the future of nuclear, and the cutting-edge field of quantum networking.