On December 9, 2022, Iwona Guier and Christiana Katsoulos were invited to speak to a group of Juniors and Seniors during their “Energy for Tomorrow” class at The Sycamore School in Arlington, Virginia. This is an interdisciplinary course that covers science, social studies, and humanities through the lens of the energy system. Typically, the school welcomes one speaker a month in order to expose the students to real world sciences and practices.

Iwona and Christiana had a very rewarding time speaking with the students and a few in particular were very well informed on the current global climate as it relates to both climate change and the implementation of various forms of renewable energy.

The presentation ranged from topics on the basics of how solar panels work to how various types of solar projects are financed. They also spoke about solar market growth, the various market segments, regulatory considerations, and corporate responsibility.

Overall, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with the next generation about the progress of the renewables industry and encouraged them to keep an eye on the changes in technology and regulations as we see significant need and growth in renewable energy in the future.