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Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy - Philadelphia, PA

Come here MEI Managing Partner Steve Cunningham and several other quality speakers at this great event.

The demand for renewable energy is rapidly expanding across the Mid-Atlantic market driven by new & ambitious RPS goals, growing demand from corporate and other consumers, and the retirement of traditional generation assets.

However, contention with market rule changes, the looming expiration of federal tax credits, and the lack of strategic & tactical plans to implement state mandates contribute to uncertainty among the development community. Industry stakeholders need to assess the impacts of these challenges on the success & failure of their plans, and only the best-informed will be able to overcome these complexities and get their projects to completion.

Infocast’s Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy, July 17-19, 2019, will bring policy-makers & regulators together with utilities, IPPs, developers of Wind, Solar & Storage projects, investors, financiers and other industry stakeholders to examine the biggest PJM market challenges, navigate the complicated landscape, and take advantage of the vast opportunities for renewable energy in the market.

Plus! Attend the Pre-Summit Briefing: State Renewable Energy Policy, Procurement and Program Frameworks in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The renewable development community will gather for a state-by-state in-depth review of current & future policies, RPS goal updates, energy priorities, & incentive programs driving economic development and business opportunities for renewable energy in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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