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Renewables: Extracting Value from Power Markets (La Jolla, CA)

Come here MEI Managing Partner Richard Walsh and several other quality speakers at this great event.

As renewable PPAs become shorter and rarer, and new renewable transactions are becoming increasingly linked to regional power markets, everyone–renewable developers, operators, financiers and investors–needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the risks and market fundamentals in every organized regional power market. This unique meeting will provide a searching discussion of these critical issues:

  • What are top forecasters’ views on future price and power market fundamentals — for each power market?

  • What market design changes are on the horizon — and what do they mean for your decision making?

  • How can you better evaluate price curves, the merchant value of renewables and merchant tails?

  • Where are the best opportunities for hedge deals and their risks and challenges?

  • What are the optimal approaches to managing congestion and basis risk exposure — in each market?

  • How is each power market impacting renewable energy transaction structures and the quantification and allocation of risks?

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