At Madison Energy Investment (MEI), we are fully committed to ensuring all state markets have an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. If 2020 is anything like 2019, then members MEI team should prepare to spend time in the Midwestern region! Although these advances may not have made the front pages of The New York Times or Washington Post, several states in the Midwest took large leaps forward in investing in solar energy.

After years of languishing behind some of the region’s more forward thinkers, Michigan and Wisconsin joined the party with ambitious climate goals. In Wisconsin, newly elected Governor Tony Evers issued an Executive Order setting the Badger State on the pathway to 100% carbon free by 2050. Additionally, the Executive Order creates an Office of Sustainability to help foster investment in renewables throughout the state. In nearby Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer doubled down on her administration’s commitment to clean energy by establishing the MI Power Grid program. The new program will create new incentives to help businesses and ratepayers transition to renewable energy sources. Finally, both Minnesota and Illinois unveiled plans to increase their state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 100%.

In addition to a solid year of progress of the policy front, MEI made some of our first forays into the Midwestern solar market throughout 2019. With Minnesota’s innovative community solar program, MEI invested and is currently developing 30+ MW of solar assets throughout the state. Additionally, MEI invested millions of dollars into solar projects throughout Illinois and Ohio. As we can see from a busy of policy progress, MEI is eager to continue our role in helping the Midwest grow their green energy revolution.