GTM Watt it Takes Podcast with Van Jones: Today, Van Jones is best known as a CNN host and author of three best-selling books. But long before the Green New Deal, Jones was on the front lines of clean energy, trying to bring green jobs to black and brown communities. He helped spearhead the Green Jobs Act of 2007, the first time the country deliberately trained workers for the future clean economy. Later, he went to the White House to become President Obama’s green jobs czar. In this episode, Jones reveals a little-told backstory of his “nerd” childhood and early life, his transformation at Yale Law School, and the painful time he briefly joined, and then left, the Obama administration.

My Climate Journey with LevelTen Founder Bryce Smith: This is a great listen that delves into Corporate PPAs, renewable energy development, policy and more.

SolarWakeUp Podcast on Deregulating Energy Markets in the Southeast: In this episode of the SolarWakeup podcast, Yann talks to Mike O’Boyle from Energy Innovation where he is the Director of Electricity Policy. Energy Innovation recently published a report authored by Mike that looks at the southeastern US energy market if it were based on competitive power markets instead of monopolies.

Political Climate – What Conservative Climate Activists Want: Highly recommend this bipartisan podcast anytime, but especially recommend this episode. The youth climate movement has gained enormous momentum over the past few years. While progressive groups tend to be the most well known, conservative youth activists are also expanding their presence in American politics. The Republican Party stands to lose an entire generation of voters if it doesn’t embrace a more environmentally friendly agenda. We speak to Benji Backer, founder and president of the American Conservation Coalition, about what he thinks Republicans are getting right and wrong on climate heading into the 2020 election.