As our portfolio of assets continues to grow, the focus on asset management becomes even more important. We think we have the best team in the business and they have developed processes, procedures and partnerships to ensure our assets perform at their best and maximize savings for our customers.

Even with a strong team and process in place, there are sure to be challenges when managing hundreds of individual assets across 18 states. This is only heightened with our ever-changing climate and having to manage around record rains in Massachusetts, smoke out west, and record hot temperatures in Minnesota just to name a few. These challenges can come anytime day or night, and the team has to know how to work together to creatively solve problems (while still having fun).

In that spirit, the team decided to get out of the office and have some fun in a challenging environment. Enter, Bond’s Escape Room in Fairfax, Virginia. Ben, Christiana, Chioma and Jack had to work together to breakout of the Joker’s Trap! The Joker chained them in, but they escaped with 2 minutes to spare! They had a great time working together to solve all the puzzles before the time ran out!