Tysons, VA [January 8, 2020] – Madison Energy Investments (“MEI”) announced that Christiana Katsoulos and Ben Hunter have joined the company as the first two hires to build out the asset management team. Ben Hunter is joining as a Director and Christiana Katsoulos as an Associate. They are both based in the Tysons, VA office.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the experienced team at Madison Energy Investments,” stated Hunter. “The team’s success to date in scaling the portfolio provides an opportunity for me to add immediate value as assets become operational as well as contribute to MEI’s continued growth.”

“I am truly excited to be part of the MEI team and be part of its growth in the energy market, stated Katsoulos. “I am looking forward to bringing my expertise in process management to support in the building of MEI’s portfolio.”

MEI’s portfolio is indeed growing, with multiple assets coming online each month. “In order to effectively manage the various types of assets across dozens of states, we need to build out a team with deep expertise in process management and operational efficiencies,” stated MEI Managing Partner Jack Hachmann. “We’re excited to bring in two individuals who have valuable experience outside of the solar industry.”

Ben previously worked at Deloitte in consulting and Christiana was an operations engineer with Gulfstream before joining MEI.

About Madison Energy Investments: Madison Energy Investments is a platform that develops, owns and operates distributed generation projects within the commercial and industrial (C&I) and small utility-scale sectors. The founding partners bring a variety of expertise in business development, finance, construction, and operations. The team’s combined industry experience has produced best practices in project development, construction, financing and a comfort level with a variety of technologies, engineering solutions, financing structures, state markets and incentives, utility programs, tariff structures, and asset management. Most importantly, the experience has allowed the team to develop first class relationships with experienced, local partners in dozens of markets throughout the United States.