Jeff Eckel joined CNBC and said Wall Street can do 3 things to show it’s serious about Climate Change. Wall Street’s attitude toward climate change has seemed to shift in recent months, but it is far from showing it’s truly serious about sustainable investing, Hannon Armstrong CEO Jeffrey Eckel told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday. Eckel, whose firm focuses exclusively on investing in climate change solutions, said there are three things the Street can do to solidify its green credentials and usher in a “fundamental reshaping of finance.” The first, Eckel said on “Mad Money,” is that Wall Street banks and asset managers have to ask, “Is this investment accelerating climate change or slowing it?” The second is about transparency, Eckel said. He said firms need to disclose every one of their investments. “Not just the investment but the carbon impact,” he said. Finally, he said every investment should be calculated using a metric called “CarbonCount,” a tool his company developed. via CNBC