We are following the FERC MOPR in PJM and there seems to be a new development almost daily. States like Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois are threatening to leave and new studies are being published saying costs could be anywhere from $1b to almost $3b per year in additional costs resulting from the MOPR. We are keeping a close eye on the petition to FERC from the group NERA who is trying to impose on State’s rights to develop their own energy policy. And finally, the administration has ended a two-year rent holiday for solar and wind projects operating on federal lands, handing them whopping retroactive bills at a time the industry is struggling with the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, according to company officials.

Maryland lawmakers struggle to mitigate MOPR harm to offshore wind with shortened legislative session

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PJM MOPR could cost market consumers up to $2.6B annually, report finds

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Trump admin slaps solar, wind operators with retroactive rent bills (fortunately doesn’t affect MEI)