According to ACORE, The Macro Grid Initiative seeks to expand and upgrade the nation’s transmission network to deliver job growth and economic development, a cleaner environment, and lower costs for consumers. The 15 states between the Rockies and Mississippi account for 88 percent of the nation’s wind technical potential and 56 percent of solar technical potential. However, this region is home to only 30 percent of expected 2050 electricity demand. Through a transmission Macro Grid, we can connect centers of high renewable resources with centers of high electric demand, enhance grid resiliency and dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

The initiative is in partnership with several organizations and most notably, is funded by Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy fund.

“We need to improve America’s outdated and balkanized electricity transmission system both to compete effectively in the 21st-century economy and to properly tackle the climate crisis,” Gregory Wetstone, ACORE president and CEO, said. “A Macro Grid will allow for better integration of low-cost renewable energy, resulting in a more resilient, efficient grid and a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions.”