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Owner-Operator to Require its EPC and O&M Contractors to Utilize Standardized Software for Commissioning and Preventative Maintenance to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Madison Energy Investments, an asset owner, manager, and financier whose experience totals over $1 Billion of asset management, have selected Raptor Maps, a solar software company specializing in transparent PV asset performance reporting and data analysis, to support their growing solar operation throughout the entire lifecycle.

Madison Energy Investments requires their Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contractors to use Raptor Maps for all preventative maintenance and commissioning inspections. This enables their contractors to efficiently direct resources, optimize mobilization, and prevent unnecessary labor and resource waste. Madison Energy Investments is utilizing Raptor Maps for the immediate return on investment (ROI) it provides throughout their asset’s lifecycles and the gains in operational efficiency.

“We’ve had O&M teams fly a few sites and our team loves the Raptor Maps reports. We’ve updated our contracts to require EPCs to use Raptor Maps at commissioning, and the O&M team to use annually. As the long-term asset owners, Raptor Maps adds immediate value so it’s mutually beneficial for us to push their technology into the industry,” said Ben Hunter, the Director of Asset Management at Madison Energy Investments.

“Madison Energy Investments is one of the sharpest owner-operators out there,” says Nikhil Vadhavkar, Raptor Maps co-founder and CEO. “Ben and the team have recognized the need for audit-able, transparent results that deliver benefit to the Madison Energy Investments team in both the short- and long-term. We look forward to supporting Madison and their service providers to fuel their ambitious growth targets.”

Raptor Maps’ goal to enable the global solar PV industry to efficiently scale is in line with Madison Energy Investment’s goal of unlocking the clean energy asset class to institutional investors. By strategically approaching the C&I sector, Madison Energy Investments will create an outsized impact in the growing renewables sector.

Madison Energy Investments are scaling the capacity of their portfolio and benchmarking against Raptor Maps’ 20 GW dataset of PV assets to ensure it’s performing at peak efficiency.