Arizona Passes Rule for 100% Clean Energy

A major clean energy policy cleared Arizona’s utility regulator and now heads to stakeholder comment before it can take effect. The Arizona Corporation Commission voted 4-1 recently to approve a suite of amendments to its energy rules that amount to a systemic commitment to clean energy. The new rules will require the state’s investor-owned utilities to phase out fossil fuels from the grid by 2050, a goal already promised by the state’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service. They also require that energy storage systems make up 5 percent of those utilities’ total grid capacity by 2035 and that 40 percent of that total be customer-owned or leased.

5 Ballot Initiatives poised to propel states, cities to 100% Clean Energy

  • Nevada Question 6: Reinforcing state RPS standards
  • New Mexico Amendment 1: De-politicizing utility regulators
  • Columbus Issue 1: 100% renewable energy by 2023
  • Denver Question 2A: Raising taxes to fight emissions
  • Boulder Question 2C: A compromise with Xcel on municipalization

Utility Rate Designs can boost the Energy Transition

The energy transition will require “every demand- and supply-side solution we have, and rate design-enabled load flexibility will be a key tool,” Huber said. “Customers who give utilities more control of their loads should benefit more financially for providing more system benefit, because key peak event days are very much ‘Ask not what the grid can do for you, ask what you can do for the grid’ events.”

BlackRock CEO backs mandatory climate reporting, urges US action

Larry Fink, chief executive of the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock, said recently he backed the UK’s recent move to make the reporting of corporate risk related to climate change mandatory, and urged the United States to follow suit.

Massachusetts Leads Way on Distributed Energy Policy

The SMART program, Connected Solutions, Clean Peak standard and ISO-NE markets make for a unique blend of solar, battery and demand-side incentives to meet grid needs.

Why Wholesale Markets Matter to Big Buyers

When a big brand such as Google, General Motors or Walmart unveils an eye-popping commitment to use more renewable energy, the news usually gets attention. And as these pledges have multiplied in number and scale, corporate energy buyers are having impacts beyond the headlines. They’re reshaping larger U.S. power trends by pulling investment into renewables.