New York, NY [April 1, 2021] – One of our goals at MEI is to foster continuing education and learning for our employees. One of our recent hires, Senior Analyst Hermann Yibokou is taking that a step further. Hermann is leveraging his experience from a top University and his time at several leading clean energy companies, and sharing his perspective to young students.

He was recently selected as a Founding Mentor for a new Mentorship Program launched by the Young Professionals in Energy NYC Chapter. YPE NYC’s inaugural mentorship program provides an avenue for experienced professionals who are passionate about building a rich, diverse workforce to propel the clean energy transition to share their insights and network with undergraduate students in order to advance that goal.

“I believe those communities that are underrepresented within the industry, and so are lacking advocates or intermediaries who can tap into shared experiences to problem-solve, will ultimately be the most affected by the rapidly changing energy landscape brought on in part by the consequences of climate change,” says Yibokou. “I’m excited to offer my unique expertise, perspective, and a familiar face in the form of shared backgrounds and experiences, for all those interested in energy. I’m also really looking forward to learning from the perspectives and life experiences of the mentees.”

YPE is a fantastic, global organization for networking and career development. “As a former board member of the YPE NYC chapter, I was thrilled when Hermann decided to apply to this great program, and even happier to know he was selected,” says MEI Managing Partner Richard Walsh. He will be an excellent mentor for the participants and I hope others on the team can take part in similar programs.”

From the YPE NYC Newsletter:

“YPE NYC also finalized its 2021 Founding Mentorship cohort. Congratulations to our twelve new Founding Mentors: Walter Alarkon, Cecilio Aponte III, Pintian Chen, Amy Colorado, Jamie Goh, Fatou Jabbie, Elissa Knight, Tobi Koyejo, Simone Kramer, Christine Pries, Joe Silver, and Hermann Yibokou! Their applications stood out amidst a highly competitive pool, and we know they will be a powerful addition to our team as we design and launch this new initiative.”

About YPE: Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) is a non-profit organization with more than 40,000 members worldwide. By providing a forum for networking and career development through social, educational and civic service opportunities, YPE aims to facilitate the advancement of young professionals in the global energy industry. YPE runs a year-round calendar of events in 40 chapters around the world. Please click here to see our calendar of upcoming events.