New York, NY [July 12, 2022] – Madison Energy Investments (“MEI”) today announced the appointment of Pablo Barrague as Vice President, Energy Storage. Pablo has demonstrated an excellent track record of developing energy storage markets around the world from his time at Fluence and AES Energy Storage.

Energy storage is the backbone of MEI’s investment focus in distributed, clean infrastructure. MEI is now present in more than 20 states around the U.S., many of which have aggressive energy storage goals and mandates. To date, MEI has storage projects in California, Hawaii and Massachusetts and expects that growth to continue into several new markets in 2022. MEI’s clients and development partners are demanding storage as part of the solution set and Pablo will lead that charge for MEI.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the team at MEI. MEI has a massive head start in the energy storage business given its current portfolio, client base, partner network and team,” stated Barrague. “I’m confident my experience and perspective from developing markets globally will help us grow the energy storage business exponentially over the coming years.”
“I truly believe we hired the perfect person for this role,” said MEI Managing Partner Richard Walsh. “Pablo’s experience, perspective and skillset will be tremendously valuable to our partners and clients around the country, and on a personal level, he is a great cultural fit with the team.”

Pablo spent the last 7 years at AES and Fluence where he held various positions in the areas of market development and program management. Pablo also previously worked in the wind industry, and in total, he has over 15 years of experience developing new markets in the energy and real estate Industries. He holds an MBA from Darden Graduate Business School at the University of Virginia.