Join us Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at Convene at 101 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10006

Frontlines of Clean Energy Development: Startups, Entrepreneurialism, and Creative Financing at the Forefront of the Climate Revolution

Cameron Bard, EVP of Madison Energy Investments
Chip Brubaker, President, Accel-Dev
Laurie Mazer, Founder, Formation Energy
David John Frenkil, Founder and Managing Director, Centennial
Moderated by Crystal Williams, Marketing Director, Madison Energy Investments

Solar developers serve at the frontlines of our clean energy revolution—yet we need to achieve our ambitious clean energy and climate goals more than ever. This session delves into the world of entrepreneurs, founders, and startups launching new ideas and businesses into the world of clean energy origination, development, and construction. From creative business models and emerging technology to tailored capital and financing solutions, we’ll discuss the current trends and themes of today’s quickly shifting clean energy sector and how new market entrants have more options and resources than ever before.

Diving into the multifaceted contributions of developers, the session sheds light on how their innovative prowess, technical expertise, and creative problem-solving capabilities are indispensable for architecting sustainable solutions. Today’s developers must navigate intricate regulatory frameworks and policy landscapes, overcome resource constraints and funding limitations, and confront a myriad of obstacles. Through a comprehensive understanding of both the opportunities and hurdles, the session equips current and future clean energy developers with insights to effectively harness the power and potential of the role.

The session aims to explore and answer several pivotal questions:

Identifying Challenges: High-demand areas like project development and engineering are driving growth nationwide.

•How do you build a robust, high-performing development company that can scale over time?

•With shifting regulations and volatile prices, how do new developers entering the market learn to shift and respond quickly?

We’ll set the tone for the current landscape and ultimately answer the golden question:

•How do you find the labor to identify new sites, finance, and build on time with constant supply chain delays?

Strategies for Overcoming Challenges:

To overcome the obstacles in frontline development, various strategies are explored. The focus is on enabling and tapping into creative financing and capital solutions—methods that are crucial to driving meaningful progress in your portfolio of net-zero projects.

Novel Financing Models:

The discourse continues by analyzing the obstacles in seamlessly integrating current regional financial and economic incentives like the IRA, with a specific emphasis on advancing front-line renewable energy initiatives.

Developer Partnerships:

The role of partnerships is examined, showcasing how these approaches can advance the transition to net zero. How do entrepreneurial developers combat uncertainty and market risk through partnerships? We examine the risks and rewards associated with integrating partners into your business.

The developer’s role on the road to net zero is crucial, as they act as critical facilitators in unlocking finance and driving sustainable solutions. By addressing the challenges, exploring innovative financing models, and embracing collaborative efforts, developers can help accelerate the transition towards a net-zero future, ensuring a sustainable and thriving planet for future generations.


Location: Convene @ 101 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10006
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